How To Convert HP Printer To Sublimation Printer? Complete Guide

How to Convert HP Printer to Sublimation Printer? Complete Guide

Did you know how to convert Hp printer to sublimation printer (or any other brand actually) to a sublimation printer? That’s right, an HP printer can be converted to sublimation. Sounds crazy, I know. It might not be the cheapest option you have, but it could possibly be the easiest depending on how much you already know about sublimation printing. 

how to convert hp printer to sublimation printer

You will also have to buy additional inks, as well as fabric and other materials needed for this process. The process of the Sublimation Printer is multifaceted and involves different techniques. The area that deals with the sublimation process are called Sublimation Printer. 

In this area, intensive research is done to develop new products and techniques. To convert the HP printer to a Sublimation printer, a number of steps are involved. Here you can see the technique and procedure how to convert hp printer to sublimation printer

What is sublimation?

Sublimation is the process of changing from a solid to a gas. Sublimation happens when pressure increases and temperature decreases. This can be expressed by the following equation:

what is sublimation

Solid substances need to reach their melting point before they can change into gases. However, this is not always the case with sublimation. When a solid substance goes through sublimation, it simply changes into a gas without ever becoming liquid first – this is known as direct sublimation.

It occurs at normal pressure (101.325 kPa or 1 atmosphere) without requiring any application of thermal energy. The transition from ice to vapor requires an input of energy, such as that provided by heat (thermal sublimation) or pressure (pressure-driven sublimation). Sublimation is the opposite of deposition, in which a substance changes directly from solid to gas (vaporization), with no intermediate liquid stage.

  • Sublimation is a particular type of solution crystallization that occurs when a solid goes directly into the gas phase without passing through an intermediate liquid phase.
  • Sublimation has been used since ancient times but was first described by George Stahl in the late 17th century.
  • Sublimation is possible for many substances including salt and sugar. The word sublimation comes from the Latin word “sublimes” which means “to rise above” or “to lift up”.
  • Sublimation is used in metallurgy to produce high-purity metals such as pure aluminum and pure magnesium. It is also used in the production of dry ice, which is produced by compressing carbon dioxide until it changes phase from gas to solid (ice).

Sublimation is an endothermic process that takes place at constant pressure and under conditions close to normal room temperature. In general, it can happen at any temperature above absolute zero but below the critical point for the substance being sublimated; however, it most commonly appreciably happens between 25-450°C (77-842°F).

Benefits of How to Convert HP Printer to Sublimation Printer

Benefits of hp printer

Cost Effective

Nowadays, the cost of a sublimation printer is much lower than that of HP printers. The reason behind this is that HP printers have to print on different materials and the process is very complex. But, in the case of a sublimation printer, it only prints on one material which makes it very cost-effective.

Sublimation Printer Can Be Used For Multiple Purposes

The main benefit of using a sublimation printer for your business is that you can use it for multiple purposes. You can use it for printing photos, artwork, and other types of printed products as well. In addition to that, if you are running an online store then you can also use this printer for producing custom t-shirts and other clothing items for your customers.

Sublimation Printer Is a Portable and Lightweight

Unlike other types of printers, sublimation printers are lightweight and portable which makes them easy to carry around anywhere you want to go with them. This means that you don’t have to worry about where you should store your printer when not in use because they’re very easy to carry around wherever you go!

Sublimation is eco-friendly!

When you use sublimation printers for your business, you won’t have to worry about wasting ink as you do with an inkjet printer. You’ll also be helping the environment by not having to throw away as much paper because your prints will last longer than traditional printing methods (and there are fewer prints needed overall).

Sublimation printers produce high-quality results every time!

There’s no need to worry about substandard results anymore with these amazing new machines that can help you take your business to the next level! With an excellent reputation for producing beautiful prints every time, these printers are sure to impress clients or customers while saving time and money in

Why convert your HP Printer to Sublimation Printer?

Why convert your HP Printer to Sublimation Printer
  1. You’ll Get Better Results from Your Sublimation Printer

Sublimation printers produce better quality results than other types of printers. This is especially true when you use high-quality papers like the ones we offer at our online shop. When you use these papers, your images will look great on t-shirts and other products even when they’re stretched out or blown up to a large size.

  1. You’ll Save Money on Ink

Sublimation ink cartridges last longer than traditional ink cartridges because they don’t have any colorants in them at all! They just contain dye crystals that transfer onto whatever you’re printing on when heat is applied by the print head (or “burner”). This means that after each print job, you can simply throw away the empty cartridge and replace it with a new one instead of having to clean out your printer’s print heads every time like you would if you were using regular inkjet cartridges!

  1. Color Matching 

One of the biggest advantages of sublimation printers is their ability to match colors perfectly. Because you’re printing directly onto fabric, there’s no need for any extra steps or ink mixing.

  1. Durability 

Sublimation printers can print directly on fabric and other materials that are up to 2 inches thick. This means that the image will last longer than traditional methods of printing on paper or T-shirts that may not hold up as well with repeated wear and washing.

  1. Print Speed 

Sublimation printers can print up to 20 times faster than regular inkjet printers because there’s no need for drying time between each color. You can also print multiple images in one pass, making it possible to create custom designs and products at a very high volume rate!

How to Convert HP Printer to Sublimation Printer?

how to convert hp printer to sublimation printer

If you’re looking for a printer that can print on multiple media and offer full color, then a sublimation printer is probably the right choice for you. In this guide, we’ll look at the top 5 steps on How to Convert HP Printer to Sublimation Printer at home.

Step 1: Remove the ink cartridges

The first step in converting a regular printer to a sublimation printer is to remove the ink cartridges. You can use this guide to help you with this process.

Step 2: Remove the paper tray and clear out any paper inside of it

Next, remove any paper from the inside of your printer’s paper tray and clear it out completely. This will ensure that there isn’t any leftover ink on any surfaces that could potentially make an imprint on your printout later on down the line.

Step 3: Install a heat press transfer system

Next up, install a heat press transfer system onto your HP printer so that you can create prints directly onto heat transfer material instead of printing onto regular paper first and then transferring onto clothing or other items later on down the line (like with sublimation).

Step 4: Disassemble your HP printer

Disassemble your HP printer and remove all parts that you can see in the image below. If you have an HP printer, such as HP Officejet Pro 8710 or HP Officejet Pro 8720, then you will have to disassemble the printer more than in this video.

Step 5: Install the new parts in your HP printer

Install the new parts in your HP printers, such as the sublimation inkjet head and sublimation ink cartridge. For example, if you have an HP Officejet Pro 8710 or HP Officejet Pro 8720, then install them from left to right: first, install the sublimation ink cartridge into its place on the left side of the printer; after that insert the sublimation ink cartridge into its place on the right side of your printer; finally insert the sublimation inkjet head into its place at top right corner of your printer. Don’t forget to put back any plastic or metal covers before installing any new parts!

Put together your HP printer again

Before anything else, you need to put together your HP printer. You might have to follow some steps like connectivity and installation before you can proceed with the conversion process.

Test your HP printer

You may have to run a test on your HP printer before you can start converting it into a sublimation printer. It is important that you make sure that the sublimation paper will work in this kind of machine because not all printers are compatible with this kind of paper.

Conclusion: How to Convert HP Printer to Sublimation Printer


The bottom line is, learning about what type of printer to use for your sign and graphics printing business is incredibly important. Not only does it help you determine quality, but it saves you a lot of time and money on wasted materials. But with so many options available in the market, it can be difficult to decide which is right for you. Fortunately, by following this guide step by step, you will get a better idea of how to convert HP printer to sublimation printer. Also, you will be able to produce high-quality and durable signs and graphics that will last for years!

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